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Year of Experience: 9

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I have had more than nine years of experience in sales and marketing before joining Navigos Search and becoming an associate consultant in the Professional Services team. This background makes me a highly insightful and adaptive individual, who is able to engage people around me and share my passion effectively.

I am currently an associate consultant with a focus on the education and healthcare sectors. These are very important industries that require a specific set of recruitment skills, among which delicate and effective communication is the key to success. This is also my personal advantage. My strong background in marketing has helped sharpen my communication and negotiation skills and will definitely contribute to my  future placements. On top of that, having had experience in sales, I am also an outgoing and assertive professional in necessary situations. My passion for executive search is also a strong motivator to drive me forward, so that  I am able to put all of  effort into every job, making a client’s wish my mission, as well as a candidate’s dream my own.


My Job Postings

PR Manager

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• Residing in Ho Chi Minh City • Strong passion with start-up environment • Flexible, hard-working, and willing to multi-task • At least 5 years of experience in a relevant field (PR, journalism) • Enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the technology industry in general • Should have experience engaging with media in Vietnam across different categories and different regions • Possess strong relations with media, especially tech media • Must be able to proficiently speak and write English and Vietnamese. • Willing to travel • Entrepreneurial spirit, not a "corporate person" and very outgoing, likeable, presentable, humble and naturally gifted at interacting with others • Self-motivated, self-starter, and able to handle tight deadlines

Up to $3000

Ho Chi Minh