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[CLOSED] Customer Segmentation Head

at Our Client is a leading bank in Vietnam

Department Head Ha Noi Market Research Diversified Banks
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Recruitment Consultant at
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Consultant information:

Binh exposed as a proactive consultant who are full of enthusiast about consulting clients and candidates as well as obtaining from them valuable industry knowledge. As the passion come to result, with strong drive to succeed and her analytical and critical problem solving skills, she managed to build up portfolio of high-level placement such as Country Sales Director, Legal Manager and Marketing Chief for key market players among those there are many 500 Fortune Companies.

She was inspired to believe that executive search profession come from the passion to create sustainable value to each person’s life ,to each business’s future and to the society. 

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The Job


1. Formulating and implementing annual business plans for the USME sub-segments (SME / MSME)
- Developing, organizing the business plans, annual action programs for the sub-segment in charge
- Managing business results, action programs, being responsible of business results for the sub-segments, business programs

2. Analyzing and identifying the potential subdivisions of USME (SME / MSME)
- Participating in building criteria to identify sub-segment customers
- Researching and analyzing in order to understand the characteristics, needs and potential of each sub-segment and setting the corresponding price requirements.
+ Collecting market information (GSO, Tax…)
+ Evaluating the affection factors (the characteristics, needs, behavior ...)
+ Analyzing customer insight reports for each sub-segment (characteristics, needs, behaviors, price requirements, level of competition in banking and finance, risk, opportunities ...)
- Coordinating sales management and marketing programs to promote the segment in charge
- Searching, developing potential source of Sales force for the following sub-segments:
+ Maintaining & developing relationships with industry, economic zones, etc. to find information on customers in the sub-segment.
+ Selecting the list of warm leads, allocating the list to the sales channel, sales force to exploit

3. Effective management (SME / MSME)
- Proposing orientations on business policies, requirements on trading and service, sales channels, risk management requirements
- Developing business modeling for key sub-segments (approach, value chain identification, cross selling, sales force, sales support)
- Making business plans for the segment, sub-segments:
+ Financial plan for month/ quarter/ year
+ Business strategies for the Branch/ Region are selected for business implementation in each key segment
+ Plan to support, promote sales to the key segment
- Effective segmentation management (revenue, costs, profits, overdue debt ...)
+ Periodic assessment (month/ quarter/ year) of business performance
+ Suggest policies and solutions to increase business efficiency of the sub-segment
- Developing the process, tools and effective portfolio management of warm leads in the segment, sub-segment
+ Developing tools, distribution process, potential list management
+ Monitoring, evaluating progress, efficiency of exploiting potential resources, proposing improvement measures

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


1. Qualifications:
- Bachelor’s Degree or above majoring in Economics/ Banking/ Finance/ Marketing/ Business Administration

2. Experience:
- Minimum of 5 years experience in financial analysis/ credit/ market research, marketing in banking and financial
- Having working experience related to Business Banking is preferable
- In-depth understanding of USME's segment / sub-segment strategy, model, and business model (SME / MSME)
- Deep understanding of valuation methods for each segment / sub-segment and USME (SME / MSME)
- Understanding the legal provisions in banking/ finance

3. Skills:
- Researching, analyzing and understanding the trend of developing products and banking financial services for Business Banking
- Skills to develop business models, business programs for each segment / sub-segment for Business Banking
- Ability to plan and organize, qualitative analysis, interpersonal skills, competitors’ information…



Revenue Size Small and Medium Enterprises ($10 million - $1 billion)
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Employees Enterprise Size (1001 +)

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