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[CLOSED] Corporate Affair Manager

at FMCG Company

Manager Ho Chi Minh Legal/Compliance Brewers
$ Gross Salary from $3000
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I am a recruitment consultant with an impressive track record during over four years of experience at Navigos Search. I constantly exceeded my targets in the Life Science, Consumer Goods & Retail team for over four consecutive years and am expected to obtain even greater achievements with a focus on Agriculture, Animal Health, Pharma, Medical Device, Trading and FMCG clients.

Among my successful placements are high-ranking positions such as Country Procurement Director, HR Manager and Sales Manager. Before joining Navigos Search, I had already had headhunting experience at other agencies, where I also demonstrated a high level of professionalism and technical skills and was constantly promoted to more senior positions.


I am motivated by deep interest in the human connection between myself, employers and candidates. I am trusted by professional people of all levels of seniority thanks to my insights into specific sub-sectors such as trading, retail, wholesale… as well as my persuasion and coaching skills. For me, helping candidates find and obtain their dream jobs is not just a challenging responsibility but also a precious opportunity for me to boost my own personal development.



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The Job


1. Strategic Implementation
• Drive the overall strategic direction for Corporate Affairs across government.
• Maintain an awareness of the external environment, keeping abreast of changes, agendas and activities.
• Ensure the strategic direction for government affairs is aligned to ABI short and long term objectives, and united with our Ten Principles and Our Dream.

2. Build and maintain key influential relationships
• Build and manage deep relationships with relevant government officials and regulatory stakeholders, as well as opinion leaders and lobby groups.

3. External Communications, Influence & Reputation Management
• Drive key strategic initiatives through supportive relationships with key external stakeholders.
• Leverage relationships with key government and media personnel and opinion makers, educating and influencing as required to ensure all parties obtain and maintain:
• An excellent understanding of ABI InBev’s positive contribution to the economy as a large employer and job creator across both the corporate sector and manufacturing industries.
• The commitment to, and on-going positive contributions of the business to reducing harmful drinking practices and positive environmental initiatives.
• Overcome foreseen and unforeseen challenges in the external regulatory and government environments such as:
• Harmful Drinking Practices – position AB InBev as a corporation with a genuine focus on reducing harmful drinking practices through the implementation of programs that are measureable and for which we are accountable.
• Managing and influencing those opposed to the alcohol industry to minimise and mitigate any negative impacts on our ability to trade in the market.
• Increase the reputation of the Alcohol sector

4. Influence Government and Regulatory change
• Raise awareness internally of the ability of our business to influence external policy and practices, communicating a proactive agenda to relevant business units as to how they can get the most out of their relationships with Corporate Affairs.
• Block legislative and regulatory changes that will damage our business, including tax increases.
Influence stakeholders to reduce regulations that inhibit our ability to trade.

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