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[CLOSED] Marketing Director

at one of the most high-class sports club system in Vietnam

Director Ha Noi Offline Marketing Movies & Entertainment
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As an expert in recruitment consultancy, I am specified in recruiting talents for Professional Services sectors including Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, Outsourcing Services, Education and Clinic. Prior to Navigos Search, I was an experienced Human Resource Specialist with more than 6 years practicing talent acquisition – sourcing and interviewing suitable candidates for global garment manufacturers and real estate developers. My understanding of both HR practices and industry knowledge allows me to immensely appreciate the importance of manpower within an organization.

At Navigos Search, I am working relentlessly to seek for the right opportunities to match excellent candidates to suitable positions. Together with my team, I assist high-profile clients in the search for the brightest candidates in the market. My commitment and focus to deliver quality results allow me to achieved desirable prizes after only months of joining Navigos Search.

Beyond contributing valuable service to clients and candidates, I am also passionate about transferring my knowledge and understanding of the industry, developing skills and leadership to other team members and young students through internal and external training and workshops. 

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The Job


- Proposing integrated marketing strategy on yearly basis following by details action plan
- Managing and coordinating the operation of daily marketing activities and effort between marketing and other department and clubs in Vietnam.
+ Club marketing: direct marketing events, member retention activities, branding (signage, logo, brand exposure in local market)
+ PR and branding: Managing KOLs, brand ambassador, press relationship, brand and content check and approving, all PR and advertising activities. Content planning and scheduling
+ Digital marketing and telemarketing: Creating digital offer on Facebook and google ad, running telemarketing campaigns. Managing social media presence and direct programs to improve social media reputation and recognition
+ Content and visual production such as branding photoshoot and campaign key videos
+ Branding event and campaign, member engagement activities
- Allocating budget, set up and monitor KPI and other task management system.
- Setting up and running management system including guest registration system, lead tracking system, campaign management, project management and digital/telemarketing tracking system (marketing and sales automation from digital marketing to tele-marketing to appointment to clubs.)
- Training marketing and head of clubs of marketing plan and implementation.
- Evaluation & reports on Marketing activities

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


- 5-7 year experience in Marketing management level
- License in communication, marketing
- Excellent English skills (4 skills)
- Communication skills, Leadership skills, Strategic & Planning skills, Task management skills, Negotiation skills
- Have influence on staffs and other colleagues
- Have strong knowledge in Fitness & Lifestyle industry



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