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Ecommerce Manager

at A global company in Fashion & Retail

Senior Manager Ho Chi Minh Digital Marketing Apparel, Accessories & Luxury Goods
$ Gross Salary from $2000 to $4500
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Recruitment Consultant at
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Consultant information:

Hoa Thom is a trilingual (English – Japanese – Vietnamese) and dedicated Recruitment Consultant who is really passionate about connecting companies with the right talents at the right time, in order to help company build a strong team as well as provides advanced opportunities to candidates’ career, specializes in Japanese clients. She has successfully placed senior positions such as Project Manager, Sales Manager, HRM, Technical Director for many Japanese start-ups as well as big corporations in trading, manufacturing, IT and other professional services sectors. She is building her personal brand as Hoa Thom Headhunter in the Executive Search market. She provides clients with quick and effective service while consulting candidate with the purpose of ensuring mutual benefits.

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The Job


Learn and work closely with Global Digital Marketing & E-Commerce team to ensure the standard, guideline of global practice and regional strategy. Build good business relation with third parties to ensure smooth end-to-end execution of platform and website operation
 Execute Digital Marketing aligned with Store Operation & Merchandising.
 Check all E-Commerce related regulation in Vietnam and lead the E-Commerce website set-up project.
 Manage and develop Digital Marketing and E-Commerce’s strategy and business plan including drive sales growth by generating traffic, maximizing conversion and profitability.
 Be responsible for the entire E-Commerce schedule, budget, recruitment, vendors, and business result with managing P&L including tracking all costs and revenue associated with the website.
 Analyze website, decide and prepare contents (category, products & banners), check & control local warehouse situation, manage irregular inquiries from customer center, plan multi-channel digital activities to boost traffic, and make sure everything is on track to maximize sales & profit.
 Need deeply co-work with Store Operation, Merchandising Planning, Inventory Control, Logistics and Warehouse team to ensure the sales and distribution are maximized to achieve weekly, monthly & annual targets.
 Initiate the platform and strategy of customer relation management by analyze the customer’s purchasing behavior and ensure the service quality of product delivery to customers. And be quick responses to any customer inquiries with proper manner
 Manage and educate all members in E-Commerce Department; EC Merchandising, EC Site Operation, EC Customer Relation Management

Growth opportunity

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


Excellent command of listening, speaking, reading and writing both of Vietnamese and English.
 Able to arrange to participate in OJT in Global Headquarter for 1-2 weeks and up to ~1 years. (Company provide necessary supporting)
 Must have good knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing & E-commerce (around 5 years or more)
 Merchant/ Marketer (+Engineer) mindset to drive business and profit
 Photoshop/ Illustrator skills considered as plus.



Revenue Size Large Enterprises ($1 billion +)
History Will be given in interview
Employees Large Size (250 - 1000)

Company culture

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You will report to: COO