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Manufacturing Manager

at a packaging company

Manager Binh Duong Production Management Commodity Chemicals
$ Gross Salary up to $3500
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Recruitment Consultant at
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Consultant information:

I am a highly diligent and result-oriented recruitment consultant in the Industrial and Manufacturing team at Navigos Search. I possess high concentration level and an acute understanding of each industry as well as employer to fully grasp and meet a client’s needs. I always welcome challenges with a positive attitude and can-do spirit.


As a researcher, I have to process a great amount of resumes every day and must be able to sort and select accurately in accordance with each position’s job description and conduct market mapping. I work efficiently with my team members and collaborate seamlessly with a responsible yet flexible working style. As the result, I have been accumulating a wealth of business insights. With my constant effort in improving my professional skills, I will become a Senior Consultant in the near future. My successful experience as a researcher, together with my genuine desire to help job-seekers decide on their own career paths, will definitely become an asset to myself, my clients and candidates.


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The Job


Role description:
• Control production activities to achieve product outputs in line with consistent quality at optimum cost.
• Ensure production and capital works are planned, developed and implemented on time and within budget.
• Ensure employees’ discipline and compliance with production’s processes, company’s rule and regulation locally and globally.
• Ensure all subordinates are trained and developed followed both departmental and company’s training and development plan
• Ensure all subordinates follow and comply with Company policies, standard of HACCP, ISO, BRC, Safety, 5S requirements
• To execute all activities on the production line toward “safely producing the high-quality products and complying with legal requirements”.


Work Planning:
• Plans materials, equipment’s, personnel to meet deadlines, increase line output, increase quantity per labor hour and reduce the requirement to work overtime across the site.
• Directs operation as a group to fulfill company goal.
• Monitors work progress and establish follow-up systems, housekeeping program.
• Arranges work in systemic manner for subordinates.

Product quality:
• Ensures quality of product meets standard and customer requirements
• Performs to Company's Manufacturing Instructions and Quality System.
• Identifies specific opportunities for product quality improvement.
• Liaisons with inter departmental manager for the implementation of quality improvement projects.
• Builds up the quality checklists, SOP for input, process, and output phases.

Health, Safety & Environment:
• Ensures: The efficient and safe operation of production facilities, and A hygienic and orderly work environment is maintained.
• Observes the requirement of legislation and Company Environmental protocols.
• Ensures Monthly safety audits are conducted and documented.
• Addresses issues raised in plant audits in your area on time.

Cost control:
• To plan and control the expenses of activities, materials and manpower to meet the agreed budget.
• Devises, implements and drives improvement plans to reduce waste, scraps, downtime, set-up time and absenteeism and overtime across the site.

• Lead and coach subordinates to achieve productivity, quality and service objectives as delineated in agreements.
• Manage production employees with respect to production’s processes, company’s rules and regulations locally and globally in disciplinary and compliant manners.

Human resources Management / Development:
• Provides opportunities for high potential employees to develop.
• Carries out On Job Training, Section Safety & Fire Fighting to new staffs and periodically
• Proposes course training when necessary and development plans are implemented.
• Ensures succession plans are in place and implemented.

Reporting / Filing:
• Ensures all reporting & analysis are accurate and meets deadline
• Maintains a good filing system for all documents in both soft and hard copies
• Take part in the BRC, 5S, HACCP, GMP and ISO system build up process.

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


1. Education:
Bachelor’s Degree, Polymer/Chemical Engineering as a plus –Flexible packaging background is preferred.

2. Experience:
• 7+ years direct supervision/management of a manufacturing size over 300 headcounts.
• Experience in developing and implementing successful solutions/improvements by using lean concepts or similarities in complex manufacturing environments

3. Leadership:
• Well-organized and self-motivated person who enjoys multi-tasks and is able to work under pressure in challenging environments.
• Ability to work with people at all levels;
• Teamwork and interpersonal communication skills.



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You will report to: Operation Director