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IT Solution Sales Manager

at a Japan software company

Manager Ho Chi Minh Sales B2B Systems Software
$ Non-Public Gross Salary
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Recruitment Consultant at
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Senior Recruitment Consultant

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  • 13th month bonus


  • Incentive: twice a year (1. January: according to the KPI achievement rate from April to September, 2. June: according to the KPI achievement rate from October to March)
  • Insurance
  • Pay raise
The Job


We will propose IT solutions for systems similar to CRM for the retail industry / manufacturing industry.
For example: Point management system in stores (system that can be used for marketing activities and campaigns)

- Market research
- Obtain prospective customers
- Hearing customer issues
- Propose IT solutions
- Create proposal

We will propose solutions to customers in cooperation with Pre-Sales.
Target customers: Mainly in the retail/manufacturing industry. Considering IoT solutions for the manufacturing industry in the future.

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

Will be given in interview

Promotion Opportunity

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The job


- IT solution proposal experience
- Sales experience for distribution industry or manufacturing industry
- Negotiation skills and coordination with each department
- Communication in English is possible
- High presentation ability



Revenue Size Will be given in interview
History Will be given in interview
Employees Will be given in interview

Company culture

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You will report to: Japanese General Manager