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Learning and Talent Manager (Supply Chain)

at a global corporation in Logistics and Supply Chain services

Manager Ho Chi Minh Training & Development Air Freight & Logistics
$ Gross Salary from $2000
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Recruitment Consultant at
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Consultant information:

Duyen has had more than 10 years of experience in human resources including almost 5 years’ experience working for headhunt company to gain the trust of clients, candidates, and team members.  Before joining Navigos Search and becoming a senior recruitment consultant in the Professional Services team. This background makes Duyen a highly insightful and adaptive individual, who is able to engage people around her and share her passion effectively.

Duyen is currently a consultant with a focus on the Advertising and Logistics sectors. These are very important industries that require a specific set of recruitment skills, among which delicate and effective communication is the key to success.

I have just joined Navigos Search for 10 months as a consultant from the Professional Services team. On top of that, having had experience in human resources, Duyen is also an outgoing, passionate spirit and assertive professional in necessary situations. Her passion for executive search is also a strong motivator to drive Duyen forward, so that she is able to put all of her effort into every job, making a client’s wish her mission, as well as a candidate’s dream her own.

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The Job


Navigos Search's Client is looking for a Learning and Talent Manager who is responsible to manage learning & development and talent management activities to build people and organization capability. Contributes to the HR development strategies

1. Customer:
• Ensure training programs support organizational development and run induction program for all staff
• Manage the policy, procedures and framework development of potential employees identification and appropriate developmental program and career movements.
• Design, develop and implement the management trainee program, as well as manage the career planning for management trainees to create the talent pipeline
• Work on global/ regional training programs and tools by providing input and feedback and ensuring smooth implementation in the country.
• Provide training support when required. Advise management on appropriate training and development approaches. To ensure best practice learning techniques are adopted and practiced

2. Stakeholder:
• Liaise to ensure high quality management development programs, assessment centres
• Liaise to seek funding and support for training
• Coordinate in any internship and Management Trainee programs
• Liaise to plan, deliver and follow up training programs required for the business
• Coordinate with internal trainers to monitor training standard
• Manage training budget of all operations and departments

3. Internal Process:
• Communicate and market training programs to ensure there is high business awareness and commitment to investment.
• Conduct training needs analysis that enables the scheduling of training programs to fit the needs of the individual and business strategy.
• Develop training frameworks to support line management requirements and conduct courses as appropriate. Develop and roll out of annual plan.
• Training Effectiveness: Continuously source and implement effective training evaluation methods that focus on ROI rather than training activity measurements that create the best ROI, while maintaining acceptable quality levels

4. People Management:
• To develop a high performance service culture within the functional department.
• To plan, organise and direct an efficient and effective functional department.
• To develop IKOs/KPIs with team members and monitor individual performance.
• To conduct performance appraisal.
• To manage the allocation of appropriate resources and commitment of staff to the achievement of Global, Regional and Country objectives and targets.
• To identify training needs and opportunities to develop a highly skilled functional department.

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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The job


Skills / Qualifications
1. Experience & Education:
• Bachelor Degree in any discipline
• Psychometric Testing and Assessment Centre qualifications
• 3-5 years experience in Training, Organization Development, Talent Management, Learning & Development
• Have strong knowledge in Supply Chain sector

2. Skills:
• Presentation skills (excellent)
• Facilitation and training skills (excellent)
• Project management skills
• Good skills for understanding adult learning
• Software skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
• Communication skills, spoken and written



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Company culture

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You will report to: Head of Human Resources