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Property Manager (Education)

at a well known company in education services

Manager Ha Noi Business Operations Education Services
$ Gross Salary up to $3000
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Consultant information:

Duyen is an experienced HR specialist turned recruitment consultant who is currently recruiting in Trading industry for Japanese companies. Prior to becoming a member of Navigos Search, she has 5 years of working experience as a HR and Admin specialist at a construction solutions company. Doing internal HR activities, Duyen has gained extensive knowledge about recruiting and talent development that allows her to offer insightful advices to potential candidates. 

At Navigos Search, Duyen is responsible for recruiting the best talents in the market for Japanese companies operating in Trading industry. Working closely with a big team of professional recruiters, Duyen assists clients in addressing, qualifying and attracting the suitable candidates for desired positions. Beside her adept knowledge of the industry, quick comprehension of the market situation, Duyen is at an advantage with her extensive network built from an extended period working in the field.

 Diligent, focused with excellent communication skills, Duyen has a proven track record in successfully hiring for Japanese electronics manufacturers, construction or trading companies. She is highly committed in delivering quality work client, as well as providing assistance to candidates in career building and talent development

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The Job


1. Job overview:
• Summarizing, evaluating and reporting plans to School Management Board.
• Reporting monthly the progress of each implementation plan and reporting once a year general plan to School Management Board.
• Approving of outsourcing works.
• Managing estimated risks, proposing implementation plan to manage property safely.
• Providing solutions and instruction to emergencies relating to property management (accidents, natural disasters or disasters caused by humans, unexpected risks, etc.).
• Checking maintenance items daily and checking repair plans annual/monthly/daily.
• Evaluating and approving of budget for property management, authority distribution and implementation plan. Taking record of budget compliance, taking responsibility for reporting and receiving approval of over-budget items from School Management Board.

2. Responsibilities:
• Property management/Technical management:
- Providing detailed instruction/guideline, supervising and supporting if necessary to fully execute general management plan and implementation plan;
- Receiving information from the main person in charge on site (operation supervisor, security, etc.) regarding emergencies relating to property management (accidents, natural disasters or disasters caused by humans, unexpected risks, etc.);
- Being the contact point between related parties such as School Management Board, customers (parents, students, etc.), surrounding area (surrounding residents and companies), and within the company.
• Contractor management: Approving of operation supervisor’s reports and evaluating contractors’ results.
• Site patrol:
- Approving of implementation result report of the general management plan and safety management plan/risk management plan;
- Instructing countermeasure when operation supervisor detects emergencies relating to property management (accidents, natural disasters or disasters caused by humans, unexpected risks, etc.).
• Document management:
- Making and implementing general management plan, making document formats of such plan and updating if necessary, updating the latest status on a regular basis;
- Approving of and archiving recorded works or reporting to School Management Board if necessary.
• Human resources management:
- Evaluating and approving of shift assignment, presence/absence management.

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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The job


• University graduation certificate relating to educational operation and management;
• Minimum 5-year experience of management in the equivalent profession;
• Local thinking, working independently and assertively, pressure endurance at work;
• Good English proficiency or higher (in speaking and writing);
• Male or Female from 30 years old with Vietnamese nationality.



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You will report to: School Management Board