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Head of Legal

at a foreign company in FMCG industry

Department Head Ha Noi Legal/Compliance Distributors
$ Gross Salary from $2300 to $3000
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I am a veteran in HR management and Talent acquisition practice with more than 7 years of experience working for a financial conglomerate. Doing internal HR activities including providing leadership, recruitment management and office management, I am especially skilled with people and have an instinct towards understanding different business cultures and practices. These qualities are proven to be a great asset to offering suitable advices to my candidates as I entered the recruitment industry more than a year ago.

At Navigos Search, as a recruitment consultant, I am currently assisting clients to address and attract the right talents working in Logistics and Agriculture sectors. I am highly motivational and a true team player. Together with my big team, I cover senior and mid-manager levels search for clients such as global logistics service providers, pharmaceutical companies and industrial corporations that effectively solves their HR demands by providing the suitable candidates.

I have a strong can-do attitude that motivates others. I love sharing knowledge and improving the overall human resource quality through constructive contribution. Besides, I am active in transferring my knowledge, giving advices to improve performance to my colleagues via internal workshops and talks. 

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  • 13th month bonus


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The Job


- The Head of Legal is in charge of ensuring that the Organization's legal policies are compliant with the industry's regulatory and legal frameworks.
- The Head of Legal is responsible for establishing legal rules and processes and ensuring that they are aligned with the Organization's strategies and followed.
- Head of Legal will also serve as an advisor to the Board of Management and provide counsel and guidance with regard to legal matters relating to the Organization.
- Responsible for the management of the day-to-day legal planning of the Organization
- Responsible for analyzing the Organization’s legal risk prevention policies and the impact of regulatory or legislative changes on its operations
- Oversee and manage litigations related to consumer protection matters and provide counsel and advice when necessary
- Identify the consumer protection opportunities in the retail operations and provide recommendations to senior management, where required
- Responsible for the review and management of company contracts and provide counsel and advice, where required
- Oversee and is responsible for managing the application and administrative matters of permits, providing counsel and advice when necessary

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The job


- University Education in Legal
- English competency
- Corporate working experience is a plus
- Management experience to other 1-2 staffs is also a plus



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