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Project Director

at a big company in Sapa

Director Other Project Management Industrial Conglomerates
$ Gross Salary up to $10000
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As an expert in recruitment consultancy, I am specified in recruiting talents for Professional Services sectors including Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, Outsourcing Services, Education and Clinic. Prior to Navigos Search, I was an experienced Human Resource Specialist with more than 6 years practicing talent acquisition – sourcing and interviewing suitable candidates for global garment manufacturers and real estate developers. My understanding of both HR practices and industry knowledge allows me to immensely appreciate the importance of manpower within an organization.

At Navigos Search, I am working relentlessly to seek for the right opportunities to match excellent candidates to suitable positions. Together with my team, I assist high-profile clients in the search for the brightest candidates in the market. My commitment and focus to deliver quality results allow me to achieved desirable prizes after only months of joining Navigos Search.

Beyond contributing valuable service to clients and candidates, I am also passionate about transferring my knowledge and understanding of the industry, developing skills and leadership to other team members and young students through internal and external training and workshops. 

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The Job


• Coordinating the efforts of various workers to ensure that the required tasks are accomplished
• Developing a timeline for the completion of a certain milestone for a given project
• Creating budget for the completion of a particular task, and monitoring the amount of money spent to ensure the project does not exceed this amount
• Recommending changes to a project that is ongoing if it appears not proceeding on schedule or is producing unsatisfactory results
• Making presentations to investors, business partners and company executives concerning different phases of a project
• Managing available resources, including teams working on the project
• Tracking different elements of the project plan and making adjustment where needed to stay on track

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Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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The job


• Investor role. Expat candidates are preferred.
• Base in Sapa
• Hands-on experience in Vietnam or SEA countries in managing mountain resort
• Strong leadership and business management skills
• Good budgeting skills and the ability to reduce cost without making an adjustment that affects the quality
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Excellent both writing and communication skills

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