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Senior Quality Assurance Manager

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Senior Manager Ha Noi QA/QC For Production Food Distributors
$ Gross Salary from $3000 to $3000
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Senior Recruitment Consultant at
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Consultant information:

I am a veteran in the recruitment consultancy industry with almost 10 years working in various positions from recruiting to training for foreign companies. Prior to joining Navigos Search, I have 7 years of working experience as a HR supervisor for a Japanese imaging and optical product manufacturer. Doing both internal and external HR activities, I have gained extensive knowledge and experience in recruiting and talent development that helps me tremendously in my practice as a recruitment consultant.

At Navigos Search, I am an experienced recruitment consultant who assists Japanese clients on identifying and attracting talents for senior to mid-manager levels positions at various departments such as Production, Quality, Engineering, HR, Accountant and Finance. Together with a supporting team of professional recruiters, I provide excellent service for manufacturing clients as a key contact. With my vast knowledge and experience in talent development, I am also a great source of advice and support for potential candidates. I am a high-performance employing, gaining nationwide recognition in Navigos Search.

I am passionate in sharing my knowledge with other colleagues and young students. I actively seek for opportunities to transfer my experience via internal and external workshops, seminars and fairs.

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The Job


- Set up & fulfill Department target and make strategy plan to achieve Dept's target
- Establish the quality management system & maintain the efficiency of the system to ensure quality of products
- Train staffs on knowledge of food safety and product quality.
- Coordinate with Production, Sales, and Planning Departments to maintain product quality, research and development of new products.
- Conduct internal audits, coordinate with other departments to do the corrective actions and follow up the implementations of the entire company.
- Being in charge of preparing HACCP, BRC, ISO audits of external parties.
- Update the standards related to the quality of goods from Customers and the regulations of Local and/or imported countries.
- Analyze and feedback the Customer's Complaints.
- Monitor the prerequisite programs of factory, warehouse and suppliers.
- Others task as assigned from the boss

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


- Male/Female Graduated from universities, specialty in microbiology/food technology
- Fluent in English
- At least 5 years of experiences in the same position
- Have good knowledge of HACCP, ISO (priority have certificate)- Have knowledge about production
- Good at leadership & Management



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You will report to: General director