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[ Banking ] Marketing Manager - Trưởng Phòng Marketing [ Ngân hàng ]

at GTV Vietnam

Manager Digital Marketing Diversified Banks
$ Gross Salary from $2000 to $5000
Know the


GTV Vietnam
Location: International
Employees: Large Size (250 - 1000)


  • Will be given in interview


  • ● Salary + Bonus: Attractive Package for M - Level
  • ● Travel expenses sponsored
  • ● Working with world-class talents in a world-class bank
The Job


On the way of expanding our Bank globally, we expect the companionship of a senior in the position of Marketing Manager to navigate the whole Marketing department, both strategic and implementation aspects served for the long-term development of the Bank’s growth strategies.
The Marketing Manager will work and reside long-term in the SEA Region (outside of Vietnam) with fluent English skills and directly reporting to our Bank's CEO/Vice Chairman.

1. Market Analysis and Strategy:
● Develop marketing strategies and plans tailored to specific target markets, considering cultural, economic, and regulatory factors.
● Proposing to advise the Board of Directors on strategies and plans in Integrated Marketing and Branding activities in the long - term vision.
2. Brand Management:
● Develop and maintain our Bank’s branding positioning and direction throughout the chain of activities, including Brand Monitoring and Analysis, Strategy Development, Brand Identity Management, Brand Campaign Planning & Execution, Brand Monitoring and analysis… for existing and potential markets, ensuring consistency across all marketing channels.
● Adapt marketing materials and content to resonate with the target audience in different regions and market segments.
● Ensure each regional marketing team and external partners follow brand guidelines.
3. Digital Marketing Management:
● Develop, lead, formulate, and deliver 360 marketing solutions considering all marketing functions and activities (brand, PR, and digital).
● Collaborate with relevant tech, ops, and business team stakeholders to develop user acquisition and retention strategy across all growth and customer touchpoint sources, set targets, co-create execution plan, and monitor results.
4. Offline Marketing Management:
● Own entire channels and strategies - lead the ideation, prioritization, and execution of all experimental and scaled offline marketing campaigns, including linear TV, OTT / cTV, roadshows, events…and other offline channels
5. Budgeting and Performance Analysis
● Develop and manage marketing budgets.
● Monitor and analyze marketing performance, including ROI and market penetration
6. Team Leadership and Collaboration:
● Manage and coordinate resources to organize and implement those Marketing Strategies effectively, smoothly, and compatibility.
● Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including sales, PM, and regional marketing teams, to align marketing strategies with overall business objectives.

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

Will be given in interview

Promotion Opportunity

Will be given in interview

The job


● Education: Major in Marketing/ Communication, Economics… and other related disciplines.
● 8++ years of experience, in which 4++ years in equivalent roles in the Industry domain with Banking/ fintech organizations.
● In-depth knowledge and solid practical experience to create and implement innovative Marketing ideas/initiatives/strategies that impact organizational scale.
● Deep understanding of modern and traditional Marketing tools, principles, and methods, and always keeping up with new trends, especially in the Brand/Digital Marketing areas.
● Creative thinking, positive thinking, and great "storytelling" ability.
● Customer-oriented thinking, data-based decision making.
● Good communication, negotiation and presentation skills in both English and Vietnamese.
● Possesses teamwork and leadership skills and the ability to positively inspire.
● Ability to adapt and develop in a dynamic, fast-paced environment



Revenue Size Will be given in interview
History Will be given in interview
Employees Large Size (250 - 1000)

Company culture

About us:
Multinational Thailand-based Group focusing on Power Business, Insurance, and Banking v.v…
This position will work for our Bank in South East Asia.
Get to know your line manager
You will report to: CEO/Vice Chairman