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I have been working as a professional recruitment consultant since 2016 for Navigos Search, representing Japanese clients operating in Manufacturing, Electronics sectors to attract the key talents in the market. Before joining Navigos Search, I have spent 2 years at VietnamWorks building business at Japanese Korean Business Department where I successfully deliver high performance consistently. This experience gives me first-hand knowledge of the industry and how Japanese and Korean culture works.

At Navigos Search, as a recruitment consultant, I assist clients in identifying, hiring and retaining senior to mid-manager levels positions in a various department such as Sales, Business development, QA section, Admin, and Customer Service. My clients come from a wide range of practices, including but not limited to logistics, manufacturing, automotive, research and development. I specialized in attracting Japanese-speaking candidates through my pre-existing extensive network and insightful understanding of the Japanese-focused market.

Passionate, ambitious, and highly competitive, I am on the rise to become a successful recruitment consultant in Navigos Search as well as in the market in general. I believe that my job is: "Connecting people and helping them achieve their dream in career goal" and I work vigorously to maintain my core values: "Work with passion - Expect Excellent - Celebrate success”

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Regional Sales Manager

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