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As an experienced consultant in recruiting senior to manager levels for companies operating in Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, and Energy & Heavy Industries sectors, and a recruitment manager, at Navigos Search, I work closely with clients together with a big team of professionals to deliver a transparent, win-win service to all parties I believe that creating a long-term partnership is the ultimate goal of a recruitment consultant.

Prior to joining Navigos Search, I was a business development manager at an international talent management solutions provider for almost 3 years. I had experience serving clients in a wide range of practices from automotive, manufacturing to telecommunications, with a unique approach to talent management and development utilizing technology and cutting-edge solutions.

Together with my team, we have gained recognition as the best team at Navigos Search for 6 times and successfully placed hundreds of positions. The factors that allow me to succeed within the industry are the support from all team members and I deeply appreciate my team’s effort.