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Year of Experience: 5

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More than 5 years of experience working in the HR Consulting firms as a Business Development and Recruitment Consultant. Working with people brings fun and helps me gain lots of knowledge in various industries. As a high-energy individual with prior experience in this field, I am optimistic about my prospects at Navigos Search.

I hope to be able to share my experience, as well as learn more things from everyone.

My Job Postings

Engineer, Market Development & Technical Support

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• Polymer background• At least 5 years of technical expertise in the polymer and/or petrochemical industries.• Knowledge of polymer and/or petrochemical related goods in the APAC market• Mold and process background is advantageous.

$3000 - $4000

Ha Noi


Research and Development Manager

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Engineering graduate or above from a university Understand the sequential work involved in the development of investment projects, and have prior experience managing external interactions with state management levels and partners. Understand how to mobilize the necessary resources at the appropriate time to guarantee successful project development. Understanding of relevant laws and regulations.

$2000 - $2500

Ha Noi