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[CLOSED] FOB Manager

at An agriculture company

Senior Manager Ho Chi Minh Executive Management Agricultural Products
$ Gross Salary from $3500
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I had had six and a half years of experience in human resource before joining the Industrial and Manufacturing team at Navigos Search as a recruitment consultant. Therefore, I possess deep industry knowledge and a wide network of contacts with both employers and professional talents.
During two and a half years of experience at Navigos Search, I have been making more than 12 placements per year and was named among the monthly Top Five Billers. My clients include some of the world’s biggest industrialists and manufacturers, for whom I have successfully recruited executives of titles such as Human Resource Manager, Finance Manager and Plant Manager. I am a resourceful professional with a wealth of soft kills in addition to market intelligence. On top of that, I am also an experienced head-hunter. Thus I have become a trustworthy recruitment consultant for major clients who are looking for qualified senior staff members.
I brought to Navigos Search practical recruitment experience and strong negotiation skills, which are utilized to help both employers and job-seekers achieve their targets.

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• Overseeing the buying of coffees for bonded delivery and FOB
• Ensuring smooth/timely deliveries of shippers as contracted, and with this, the ability of the shipper to fill their commitments
• Ensuring the correct quality of the coffee is shipped/ delivered, with minimal arrival rejections
• Coordinating with logistics/ warehousing to ensure smooth documentation and logistical operation for coffees into bond or straight to FOB.
• Keeping an up-to-date FOB position accounting for samples/approvals, shipments, physicals in bond, quality and sales allocations.
• Detailed daily reporting of the local market, meeting and greeting local shippers and building on existing company relationships.
• Taking quick action on rejections/downgrades of coffees, ensuring fair compensation.

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