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[CLOSED] Production Manager

at Pharmaceutical Company

Manager Binh Duong Production Management Pharmaceuticals
$ Gross Salary from $3000
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I had had six and a half years of experience in human resource before joining the Industrial and Manufacturing team at Navigos Search as a recruitment consultant. Therefore, I possess deep industry knowledge and a wide network of contacts with both employers and professional talents.
During two and a half years of experience at Navigos Search, I have been making more than 12 placements per year and was named among the monthly Top Five Billers. My clients include some of the world’s biggest industrialists and manufacturers, for whom I have successfully recruited executives of titles such as Human Resource Manager, Finance Manager and Plant Manager. I am a resourceful professional with a wealth of soft kills in addition to market intelligence. On top of that, I am also an experienced head-hunter. Thus I have become a trustworthy recruitment consultant for major clients who are looking for qualified senior staff members.
I brought to Navigos Search practical recruitment experience and strong negotiation skills, which are utilized to help both employers and job-seekers achieve their targets.

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Open : VN & expat
• To plan factory capacity and develop factory macro production loading strategy based on a full understanding of the factory set-up and its capability;
• To plan, organize manpower and system requirements for processes audit to ensure products comply with buyers' standard and specifications;
• Ensuring that the production is cost effective
• To manage all operations in production department with regard to Quality, efficiency, cost, manpower, overtime, on time delivery...
• To plan delivery schedule and follow up to meet the planned date;
• To approve production documents and purchasing orders;
• Making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality
• Liaising among different departments, e.g. suppliers, merchandisers, technical department, etc.
• Continuously improve process reducing/ controlling process variation
• Proactively identify/ reducing/ eliminating wastes increasing process speed
• Ensure that 5S & good housekeeping habits are implemented & maintained
• Use and control effectively the facility, machine, equipment with proper monitoring and maintenance plan.
• Training & development of employees including coaching , transmitting knowledge & skills to team member
• Make sure documentation management system is to be developed, implemented, maintained, and audited which provides qualitatively high information accurately, timely and reliably.

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The job


• At least 10 years' experience in reputed Pharmaceutical Companies in Vietnam
• Hand-on experience in operating and understanding the function of Production machines
• Conversational in English
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office



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