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[CLOSED] Marketing Digital Manager (Communication)

at Education Global Company

Manager Ho Chi Minh Digital Marketing Education Services
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Experienced Recruitment Consultant with a demonstrated working experience for the financial services industry in Navigos Search. Skilled in Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, Executive Search. Strong professional with a MSc focused in Business Project Management from The University of Portsmouth, The UK.

“Rise when you fall. Believe in yourself. Work hard & be strong"

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  • Will be given in interview
The Job


Implement marketing plan to enhance COMPANY position and increase uses of COMPANY services POSITION TITLE:
Major Activities
Business Acumen
• Strategic initiating, developing and implementing marketing plans for AE and FS program
• Develop and manage content of COMPANY Vietnam website and social channels
• Proofread to produce accurate and high quality work
• Coordinate the production and distribution of COMPANY publications.
• Provide assistance in logistics arrangements of promotion activities and events for COMPANY.
• Develop and implement integrated communications plans of online activities to advance COMPANY’s brand identity; broaden awareness of COMPANY’s services, increase the visibility of promotion campaigns across key audiences.
• Day-to-day management, scheduling and posting of content on our social channels (Facebook & YouTube)
• Review content on social media channels that engages and inspires the COMPANY community.
• Review ad text, keywords for Search campaigns
• Work with Country Manager, IDP National Wide Marketing Director, Web developer, SEO company and web admin to optimize website SE rankings.
• Evaluate the performance of social media campaigns and optimise content plans and copy based impact on business results.
• Identify communication challenges and work with managers and team to recognize internal and external communications opportunities and solutions, and define and execute appropriate strategies to support them
• Oversee development of print communications and electronic communications including COMPANY's website.
• Prepare talking points, press release and other supporting material as needed.
• Oversee the day-to-day activities of the communications function including budgeting, planning and reporting.
• Synergize COMPANY’s business eco system (IDP, INSEARCH)
• Produce TVC and other marketing collaterals to promote on new channels: TV footer pop up, LCD, LED poster, Frame poster in buildings etc.
• Focus on the big picture within the company and delegate smaller tasks to the team to accomplish goals.
• Develop people for the future: to help teammates build lasting personal strengths that make them more successful overall and coach them new skills to be ready for company’s transformational growth and effective demand.
• To Inspire and motivate teammates to take actions to transform themselves for tomorrow.
• Model excellence and self-direction to improve team’s disciplines and efficiency.
• Gain customer insight and define the right communications mission.
• Have deep understanding of digital marketing tactics and use key data and analytics engines as a guide to optimize lead generation.
• Increase hot-warm leads and conversion rate from lead to new sale
• Ensure information updated & correct. Increase access numbers and reduce bounce rate.
• High satisfaction from service users.
• Well planned tasks. High standard produce
• Update items timely and accurately
• Increase customer referrals and awareness. Visitors to recent events via social media have increased.
• Use communications to stay competitive in the industry with brand positioning as market leader in Language Center (top portals, premium sites/positions)
• Make sure local website is updated as global network requested. Improve SE rankings of website.
• Prepare accurate and timely update as requested
• Optimize budget & maximize outcome (reach & registered number) by choosing the most effective channels. Work with designers/suppliers to produce high quality marketing materials (TVC, flash banner…)
• Actively promote COMPANY on IDP’s website, Fan page, monthly newsletters & publications.
• Improve COMPANY’s brand awareness.
• Handle workload more effectively and have time to improve knowledge to make transformational changes.
• Team actively contribute to work.
• Bring quick results at work. Actions will leads to the success of business.
• Increase effectiveness of service for the customer and increase sales.
• Deliver effective digital campaigns.
• Maximize the growth opportunities of both organisations.

Technical & Professional Knowledge
• Implement marketing activities
• Maintain up to date knowledge on market trends and competition
• Knowledge on Sales, Pipeline & Client Relations reporting and analysis.
• Strong knowledge in Email Marketing and Event Management.
• Experienced in Communications Planning, Execution and Management
• Strong copywriting skills, being able to write engagingly in a way that builds the COMPANY brand
• Strong knowledge in Digital Marketing and Analysis
• That marketing plans are implemented in line with strategic goals
• Increased market share and COMPANY profile/ branding
• That COMPANY position is ahead of competitors
• Run reports as requested by Managers
• Maintain frequent communication with customers to provide events/seminars, scholarships/courses update. Set up and manage Event Management for key events.
• Prepare communications plans for COMPANY and key clients (long terms plans)
• Prepare and proofread PR content to promote COMPANY events & marketing activities.

• Build a collaborative environment
• Contribute towards team objectives
• Quick response to requests
• Involvement in team activities

Problem Solving
• Solve work problems professionally & effectively
• Perform jobs efficiently
• High efficient performer

• Communicate professionally with managers, peers, subordinates, partners, clients, customers and suppliers
• Effective work outcome
• Good rapport with internal and external customers and associate partners
• Minimum misunderstanding

Organisation & Planning
• Coordination in organisation of marketing and promotional
• events, seminars and activities
• Effective coordination with team to organise events successfully
• Activities are well planned

• Increasing competition in the market
• Originality and creativity in marketing implementing
• Application of a right and appropriate approach to enhance COMPANY branding & positioning
• Supervise more team members

Freedom To Act:
• Organise tasks in the assigned area of responsibilities
• Assign tasks to the right member

Key Communications / Interactions:
• Daily discussions with Managers and office staff on implementation
• Externally
• Communication with local designers, and suppliers and partners
• Liaison with the Press/Media

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


• Interpersonal skills and communication skill
• Strong analytic skill
• Positive attitude to self learning
• Drives for results.
• Customer centric.
• Excel at cross-team collaboration.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Deep understanding of digital marketing. Experience delivering effective digital campaigns.
• Creativity and consistent record in delivering innovative marketing approaches. Experience writing briefs and directing creative and messaging.
• Experience managing web and social channels.
• Ability to communicate across teams and levels.
• Ability to work under constant deadline pressure and manage multiple projects across multiple teams
• Experience building and executing demand generation plans for large scale events.
• Understanding of web metrics, digital analytics, and ability to generate, analyse and interpret data.
• Understanding of website testing and targeting



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Company culture

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You will report to: Country Manager