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[CLOSED] Country Director

at Navigos search's Client is a Global Social Business in health services. Currently, they are operating in 37 countries over the world

CEO, President Ha Noi Executive Management Health Care Services
$ Gross Salary from $5000 to $7000
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As an expert in recruitment consultancy, I am specified in recruiting talents for Professional Services sectors including Real Estate, Hospitality, Entertainment, Outsourcing Services, Education and Clinic. Prior to Navigos Search, I was an experienced Human Resource Specialist with more than 6 years practicing talent acquisition – sourcing and interviewing suitable candidates for global garment manufacturers and real estate developers. My understanding of both HR practices and industry knowledge allows me to immensely appreciate the importance of manpower within an organization.

At Navigos Search, I am working relentlessly to seek for the right opportunities to match excellent candidates to suitable positions. Together with my team, I assist high-profile clients in the search for the brightest candidates in the market. My commitment and focus to deliver quality results allow me to achieved desirable prizes after only months of joining Navigos Search.

Beyond contributing valuable service to clients and candidates, I am also passionate about transferring my knowledge and understanding of the industry, developing skills and leadership to other team members and young students through internal and external training and workshops. 

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The Job


- Responsible for meeting the goals of the commercially run organization's clinics and social marketing program and ensure sustainable business growth...
-  Ensure clinic sustainability improvements in line with organization’s strategic priorities by controlling costs, growing service income and generating surplus
- Oversee the development of annual business plan targets and quarterly forecasts for the social marketing program. Monthly monitoring and performance management of social marketing distributors to optimize sales performance, identifying gaps in distribution and improving performance through training, marketing and sales support.  
- Lead the annual business planning process for the organization’s commercially run clinics, social marketing program and client care center. Set the KPIs for the commercial aspects of the organization. Contribute to planning and leading the organization's strategic review and business planning process
-  Ensure the high service quality standards and high client satisfaction levels of commercially run clinics are continually maintained - Regularly communicate accomplishments and incorporate individual and team efforts in formal and informal feedback and recognition programs.
-  Oversight of organizational marketing and responsible for generating and improving the organization’s brand awareness, demand creation strategies and client referral networks. This involves application of global best practices to develop and improve strategies and initiatives with the outcomes: income growth, uptake of contraceptive services, reduction of unsafe abortion and surplus generation from non-core services
- Create an atmosphere of collaboration, building effective partnerships with the other departments and other organizations. Interact with providers, vendors, regulators and other external organizations/persons in a manner that assures a positive client experience.

Growth opportunity

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The job


-  Masters or equivalent degree in Public Health, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Management, Hospital Administration or any other relevant discipline
- Minimum 10 years at a senior management level managing commercial operations of a reputed national or international organization.
- Proven track record in leading the operations of health clinics/ medical services, enhancing productivity and achieving targeted outcomes in a social business.
- Proven ability to build, manage and motivate highly capable teams and promote a high-performance culture.
- Excellent planning, budgeting, monitoring and financial management skills, including the ability to develop and articulate clear business vision and plans and proven strategic thinking and planning skills.
- Fluent English skills



Revenue Size Small and Medium Enterprises ($10 million - $1 billion)
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Employees Medium Size (51 - 250)

Company culture

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You will report to: Regional Director