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[CLOSED] Senior Technical Manager

at an International Medical Device trading company

Senior Manager Ha Noi Project Management Health Care Equipment
$ Gross Salary from $2000 to $4000
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Consultant information:

I am a veteran in HR management and Talent acquisition practice with more than 7 years of experience working for a financial conglomerate. Doing internal HR activities including providing leadership, recruitment management and office management, I am especially skilled with people and have an instinct towards understanding different business cultures and practices. These qualities are proven to be a great asset to offering suitable advices to my candidates as I entered the recruitment industry more than a year ago.

At Navigos Search, as a recruitment consultant, I am currently assisting clients to address and attract the right talents working in Logistics and Agriculture sectors. I am highly motivational and a true team player. Together with my big team, I cover senior and mid-manager levels search for clients such as global logistics service providers, pharmaceutical companies and industrial corporations that effectively solves their HR demands by providing the suitable candidates.

I have a strong can-do attitude that motivates others. I love sharing knowledge and improving the overall human resource quality through constructive contribution. Besides, I am active in transferring my knowledge, giving advices to improve performance to my colleagues via internal workshops and talks. 

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The Job


1. People Management
• Lead and drive the overall performance and productivity of the engineering department as a profit center and maintain good reputation.
• Increase team competency by assessing, identifying and fulfilling training and re-training needs for each individual engineer (new and old).
• Ensure exceptional standard of service through effective communication and collaboration with the business team.

2. Business Management
• Drive and maintain high levels of productivity and also efficiency in turnaround time.
• Ensure all pre-delivery and commissioning works are carried out in an efficient and timely manner.
• Monitor service contracts renewals.
• Trace and correct faults when issues or conflicts arise, providing feedback as well as one-on-one coaching for the purpose of driving change.
• Consistently monitor team performance and review customers’ feedback to identify service gaps to work on bridging solutions.
• Prepare the team to offer 3rd party biomedical services to small hospitals and MNCs.

3. Quality Service Standard Management
• Maintain relevant GDPMD/ISO procedures.
• Resolve complaints received and recommend preventive or corrective actions.
• Responsible for up keeping total customer service orientation and the department’s quality objective.
• Review current installed base with service contract and seek assistance from principals to avoid parts delay and improve turnaround time.
• Identify and mitigate risk factors, design preventive and corrective measures, and ensure compliance to these measures.
• Track product recalls, recognize serious non-conformance, and make reports to the respective manufacturers in a timely manner.
• Ensure that all test tools are sent for yearly calibration, or as per the frequency recommended by the manufacturer.
• Review and identify continuous improvement programs for the engineering department.

4. Operational Management
• Mentor all new or junior engineers, leading by example and encourage team learning as well as sharing of unique technical experiences.
• Manage working capital and inventory control.
• Work closely with principals to seek solutions and establish agreements on warranty claim control processes, commitment to warranty of parts, costs, and efficiency in response.
• Identify key major agencies to negotiate consignment deals for engineering spare parts stocks, so as to speed up turnaround time and control working capital.
• Update and manage outstanding jobs through the CRM software.
• Plan, organize, communicate, and implement critical activities such as service contractual periods, warranty service periods, invoicing and inventory management.

5. Customer Management
• Maintain relationships with key bio-medical managers.
• Conduct regular feedback sessions with key contract customers to ensure continuity of services.
• Increase customer confidence by intensifying internal and external training programs for a few key agencies.
• Review service contracts and maintenance fees regularly to ensure market competitiveness.

6. Principal Management
• Collaborate with sales and engineering managers in reviewing and modifying approach in managing key principals and customers.
• Communicate with key principals on customers’ needs regularly.
• Explore new engineering service opportunities with key principals.
• Update manufacturers about technical issues with major equipment that were identified.
• Regularly identify by major equipment agencies, the necessary spare parts to hold to meet turnaround time expected.

7. Others
• Any other tasks as deemed required by immediate superior or management.

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


Work Experience & Qualification
1. Min Bachelor’s Degree in Bio-Medical, Mechanical or Electronics Engineering or its equivalent with Master’s Degree in Business & Technology preferred.
2. Min 8-10 years of relevant experience in a similar role in medical equipment industry.
3. Experience in Medical equipment servicing in hospitals a must.
4. Good experience in Project Management is essential.
5. Possess proven ability to lead a team of engineers.
6. Proficient in trouble shooting and providing solutions.

1. Applies a strategic approach to solving problems; possesses the ability to manage situations on a macro and micro-level.
2. Strong interpersonal and management skills; able to communicate effectually and influence people positively.
3. Ability to utilize resources effectively and efficiently in accomplishing plans and focus efforts on areas to create most positive impact to the business.
4. Ability to build and develop a team, as well as to set goals for team members.
5. Good spoken & written English / [other languages].

1. Has a positive and proactive attitude in problem solving, and is able to flexibly manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
2. Able and willing to work effectively in a team.
3. Able and willing to openly share ideas, communicate effectively and meaningfully contribute.
4. Possess and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to achieving goals and delivering optimal results.
5. Embrace the values of Loyalty, Integrity, Balance, Care, Agility, Reliability and Entrepreneurship.
6. Able to show genuine concern for others, with a Happy, Engaging, Approachable, Responsible and Trustworthy personality.



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You will report to: Regional Technical Director (Expat)