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[CLOSED] HR Manager (Dong Nai/ Binh Duong)

at a manufacturing company

Manager Binh Duong Human Resource Health Care Technology
$ Gross Salary from $3000 to $4000
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I had had six and a half years of experience in human resource before joining the Industrial and Manufacturing team at Navigos Search as a recruitment consultant. Therefore, I possess deep industry knowledge and a wide network of contacts with both employers and professional talents.
During two and a half years of experience at Navigos Search, I have been making more than 12 placements per year and was named among the monthly Top Five Billers. My clients include some of the world’s biggest industrialists and manufacturers, for whom I have successfully recruited executives of titles such as Human Resource Manager, Finance Manager and Plant Manager. I am a resourceful professional with a wealth of soft kills in addition to market intelligence. On top of that, I am also an experienced head-hunter. Thus I have become a trustworthy recruitment consultant for major clients who are looking for qualified senior staff members.
I brought to Navigos Search practical recruitment experience and strong negotiation skills, which are utilized to help both employers and job-seekers achieve their targets.

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The Job


Responsible for the planning and organization:
- Recruitment, training and human resource development;
- Develop and complete organizational structure, management regulations, procedures and working rules. Build and maintain the salary scale system, company policy management;
- Organize and plan for human resources, labor wages, social insurance-health insurance, competition and rewarding policy;
- Work with state agencies on labor issues, administration procedure;
- Guide, supervise and inspect the departments in company in the implementation of guidelines and state policies and company regulations.

1. Advise and propose to the Board of Directors about organizational structure of company, complete and improve management regulations:
- Research, propose, and organize the company structure, functions and duties of each department. Research & build structure in accordance with the Company's strategy and business development at each stage;
- Organize, build and improve talent development policy, remuneration, compensation, management regulations, rules and workflow.

2. Plan and organize the recruitment, training, and human resource development:
- Monitor and forecast volatility personnel, plan to develop human resources;
- Recommend the appointment, dismissal, transfer, staffing arrangements;
- Develop recruitment plan & develop training plans, organize the contests to improve the skill of employees.

3. Plan and organize the benefits system for the employees and develop the evaluation system in accordance with given goal & target of job requirement for all departments:
- Lead and supervise the implementation of rules and regulations on wages and bonuses, build the annual salary scale;
- Propose salary scale system for each department;
- Propose incentives program to encourage and develop employees’s performance on job;
- Supervise the application and implementation of performance evaluation and the level to complete the given job of employees;
- Responsible to receive and answer all questions that relates to regulations and policiesfor employees;
- Responsible with monthly payroll system, discipline, health and safety working environment for all employees;
- Complete all yearly given planning on time;
- Update and publicize law provisions relating to the rights and responsibilities of employees, employers.

4. Manage and control HR staffs in department to ensure that objectives, functions and tasks of HR dept are completed:
- Monitor, remind employees perform work and adjust workflow when necessary and evaluate the job performance of employees;
- Encourage, promote employee to develop and improve job efficiency.

5. Resolve conflicts and disputes at the Company & other duties assigned by General Director and Board of Director.

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The job


- University graduation: Economic University or Law University is referable;
- At least 3 years experience in same position in foreign manufacturing company;
- Proficiency in English;
- Good communication skills, leadership;
- Strong analytical skill and ability to see the strategic view.



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