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[CLOSED] General Manager

at European Company (Technical Trading)

Director Ho Chi Minh Executive Management Industrial Machinery
$ Gross Salary from $5000 to $6000
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Consultant information:

I am currently an associate consultant at Navigos Search, where I advise clients in the industrial and manufacturing sectors to help them find suitable candidates for senior job positions. Before this, I had already had two and a half years of experience in recruitment at other agencies.

As a recruiter, I familiarized myself with all processes during the recruitment procedure, from candidate sourcing, resume screening to interview and client relationships management. This diversified experience helped me to develop into a professional recruitment consultant who can confidently advise clients and job-seekers alike to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

I have been working at Navigos Search for over a year and have already achieved remarkable recognitions such as Human Resource Manager, Sales Manager and Customer Service Manager. My clients include some of Vietnam and the world’s most reputable industrialists and manufacturers, who have high job requirements and strict recruitment procedure. Despite that, I still manage to meet and even exceed my clients’ expectations while helping qualified candidates realize their career dreams.


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The Job


Job purpose
- To develop the Company into a market-leading player in Vietnam
- To ensure that the necessary and appropriate product programme has been structured and implemented to gain a market-leading position

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

1. Organisation
- Set targets and associated policies
- Build up the necessary, effective and powerful organisation and a wellstructured organisational chart

2. Finance and administration
- Set up sales and cost budgets
- Assess profitability, financial position and financing
- Assess and present investments, tax-related issues, local, legal issues and insurance-related issues

3. Business development
- Direct, lead and manage the internal and external sales forces in an
efficient, targeted and focused manner
- Market and promote company’s product programme as defined for Vietnam as well as company’s brand
- Ensure focus on values related to the company brand
- Define route-to-market, create an efficient distribution network and ensure maintenance of the same
- Meet the set sales targets in cooperation with distributors as well as direct accounts
- Develop the market further for company’s strategic key products and business segments
- Source strategic products that are complementary to our products and will contribute positively to our business and earnings
- Monitor and lead necessary marketing tools to meet the set targets

4. Technical information
- Handle products claims in accordance with Company’s guidelines
- Ensure that the necessary and professional technical information and detailed instructions about “How to install and use Company products” are always available

5. Financial control and development
- Prepare the annual budget and the related action plan (business plan) according to Group Guidelines and Instructions
- Monitor and coordinate Company’s overall business in Vietnam and keep the board fully updated and informed of the same

6. Relations
- Build up strong relations with customers, distributors and other relevant partners in the market
- Keep the necessary contact with superiors, the Board, banker, lawyer, media and authorities
- Keep the necessary contact to and communicate with suppliers and distributors
- Monitor competitor activities and assess their rates of success

7. Human resources
- Ensure that all employees are fully aware of the corporate culture and prepare necessary teambuilding activities in accordance with the Group’s general rules and regulations

- Product: Trading Pump Valve for water treatment
- Scope: 15 – 20 employees (HCM + Hanoi)

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


1. Education
Commercial/business education with strong technical skills, or technical education with a strong flair for sales, marketing and customer relations

2. Work experience
Sales or general management with good results

3. Personal qualifications
Strong management skills
Strong networking skills
Technially well-founded
Outgoing, reliable and energetic
Business sense
Structured, independent, focused
Persistent and robust

4. Languages
English at negotiations and bargaining level. English is our corporate



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Company culture

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You will report to: Regional Director