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[CLOSED] Quality Manager

at a steel structure company

Manager Dong Nai QA/QC For Production Steel
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Recruitment Consultant at
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I am a highly diligent and result-oriented recruitment consultant in the Industrial and Manufacturing team at Navigos Search. I possess high concentration level and an acute understanding of each industry as well as employer to fully grasp and meet a client’s needs. I always welcome challenges with a positive attitude and can-do spirit.


As a researcher, I have to process a great amount of resumes every day and must be able to sort and select accurately in accordance with each position’s job description and conduct market mapping. I work efficiently with my team members and collaborate seamlessly with a responsible yet flexible working style. As the result, I have been accumulating a wealth of business insights. With my constant effort in improving my professional skills, I will become a Senior Consultant in the near future. My successful experience as a researcher, together with my genuine desire to help job-seekers decide on their own career paths, will definitely become an asset to myself, my clients and candidates.


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The Job


- Planning activities in Week / Month / Quarter / Year and planning to perform department work.
- Quality Report Week / Month / Quarter / Year.
- Management and administration of QHSE room
- Working with customers, gathering, processing information, coordinating production to meet the requirements of customers in the most optimal way such as the submission, testing and acceptance of products.
- Communicate and exchange information with the departments in the company and handle and resolve internal requirements.
- Control the quality of input materials of the factory.
- Training staff to understand the process of controlling input and output quality.
- Product quality control as stated.
- Improve factory quality control process.
- Set up quality records of each project.
- Safety and environmental control in the factory
- Establish measures and plans for safety and environment inspection
- Training and safety training for employees to understand the process of safety control and the environment

In Dong Nai, 1 Manager position for Expat, 1 Assistant Manager position for Vietnamese
In Long An, 1 Manager position for Vietnamese

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


• Vietnamese or foreigner;
• Graduated from the University. Gender: Male, age from 35 to 45;
• Obtain International Quality Certification in Steel Structure
• At least 5 years of experience in Quality Assurance, prefer in the same position in steel structure companies;
• Good teamwork, problem solving and communication skills;
• Result-oriented work, multi-tasking ability and high team spirit;
• Fluency in English (spoken and written);
• Ability to work independently and under high pressure, willing to travel on a mission if necessary.



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Company culture

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You will report to: Factory Director and QHSE National Director