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[CLOSED] Vice National Sale Manager

at a Crop Protection Company

Manager Ho Chi Minh Sales B2C Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals
$ Gross Salary up to $3000
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Consultant information:

I am a recruitment consultant with an impressive track record during over four years of experience at Navigos Search. I constantly exceeded my targets in the Life Science, Consumer Goods & Retail team for over four consecutive years and am expected to obtain even greater achievements with a focus on Agriculture, Animal Health, Pharma, Medical Device, Trading and FMCG clients.

Among my successful placements are high-ranking positions such as Country Procurement Director, HR Manager and Sales Manager. Before joining Navigos Search, I had already had headhunting experience at other agencies, where I also demonstrated a high level of professionalism and technical skills and was constantly promoted to more senior positions.


I am motivated by deep interest in the human connection between myself, employers and candidates. I am trusted by professional people of all levels of seniority thanks to my insights into specific sub-sectors such as trading, retail, wholesale… as well as my persuasion and coaching skills. For me, helping candidates find and obtain their dream jobs is not just a challenging responsibility but also a precious opportunity for me to boost my own personal development.



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The Job


1. Building distribution system:
• Collect information, analyze the distribution system of agricultural industry for applying in building MPV distribution system.
• Responsible for proposing plans to build MPV distribution system. Manage and operate the distribution system (Distributor/C1 & C2) to ensure the coverage and quality of selling points in accordance with the general orientation of the Company in each period.
• Manage and operate the distribution system (Distributor/C1 & C 2) to ensure building of a strong, professional and sustainable distribution system according to the evaluation criteria of distribution system (coverage, quality of selling points, SKUs / points of sale, market share, ...) in accordance with the general orientation of the Company in each period.
• Coordinate with MKT and relative departments to suggest solutions for system building.
• Coordinate with Regional Managers (RMs) to implement system building activities to regions. Plan and organize activities to assist RM / TSE (Technical Sales Executive) to deploy opening new C2.

2. Sales:
• Participate in developing and implementing strategic Sales plans and forecasts to achieve corporate objectives for products and services.
• Participate in developing and recommending product positioning, packaging, and pricing strategy to produce the highest possible long – term market share.
• Participate in overseeing and evaluating market research and adjust sales strategy to meet changing market and competitive conditions.
• Dumping price management.
• Direct market channel development activity and coordinates sales distribution by establishing new sales territories.
• Close supervision and direction for all regional managers and sales staff to ensure good results.
• Look after corporate interests at all times and contribute towards corporate developments; address issues across departments for problem solving.
• Provide weekly and monthly reports to DGD and NSM.
• Work closely with RMs and support all sales and MKT activities; focus on distribution system
• Obtaining weekly and monthly reports from all RMs and work closely with the TC leaders in Territory 1 and Territory 2 to ensure works are carried out based on requirements.
• Good knowledge on the Collective Labour Agreement, company regulations and maintain secrecy on issues related to MPV
• Other tasks as assigned by NSM and Top of Management

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


1. Knowledge and education level:
• Graduated from concerned university: Economics / Business Administration, Crop Protection or related fields.
• Knowledge about building distribution in agriculture industry with applying new technology in managing distribution system

2. Skills:
• Business Acumen
• Communication Proficiency
• Customer / Client Focus
• Leadership
• Presentation Skills
• Problem solving / Analysis
• Results driven
• Strategic thinking
• Age: 30-40 years

3. Experience:
• At least 03 years of building distribution system or at least 5 years of sales experience and has knowledge on building distribution system



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Company culture

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You will report to: Sales Director