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[CLOSED] HR – Admin Director

at a big FMCG manufacturing company

Director Ho Chi Minh Human Resource Paper Packaging
$ Gross Salary from $3000 to $4000
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Recruitment Consultant at
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Consultant information:

I am passionate about Recruitment and Connect people. I have experience in both internal and external recruitment.

Recruitment and Retention Talents are always my priority.

Not only focus on recruitment, I am also interested in corporate culture and business so that I consult as much as information to each candidate and help them a long-term commitment with new opportunity.


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The Job


* Establishment and promotion of human resources strategy
- Establishment and execution of personnel plan and recruitment plan
- Establishment and forecast of human resources expenses budget

* Planning/proposal and management/operation of human resources system
* Establishment, revision, elimination, management and operation of labor rules and various accompanying rules
* Dealing with labor unions and supervision of labor-management agreement
* Education
- Proposal and promotion of education policy (training as well as OJT)
- Planning/operation of all kinds of training systems
- Construction of policy for activation and mobilization of human resources

* Analysis and handling of personnel risk
- Dealing with turnover, mental health etc.
- Dealing with personnel reduction due to business transfers or company liquidation
- Dealing with harassment

* Establishment and promotion of diversity policy (employment of female employee or disabled persons etc.)
* Dealing with rewards and disciplines etc.
* Establishment of operation policy for welfare benefits, insurances, pension etc. and management & supervision of outsource parties
* Deal with matters related health /safety/sanitation management
* Administration of security/guarding-related matters in the whole company
* Matters related to human resources management
- Salaries, severance pay and all kinds of allowances
- Personal income tax
- All matters related to social insurance and various procedures following resignation
- Matters related to pension
- Background information changes, attendance management and issuing all sorts of certificates

* Asset management
- Management/operation of existing offices
- Establishment of policy and execution matters when relocate headquarters/offices
- Establishment and execution of policy related to purchase and sale of non-operation tangible fixed assets (land/buildings); management and operation/ sale and disposal support of those assets; and management of automobiles and supplies
- Management of other asset (utensils, furniture, various equipment, automobiles etc.)
- Management of admission to company’s dormitory/ residences

* Disaster prevention management for offices and factory and establishment of office rules
* Establishment of guidelines/policies regarding expenses management and follow-up
* Establishment and execution of policies and plans regarding safety management in dealing with hazard management
* Support all events of the Company including employee meetings
* General affairs-related duties
- Management of office consumables, internal furnishings
- Reception
- Handling of internal/external post
- Administration regarding the safekeeping of documents in all company

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


- Have relevant experience as manager level.
- English language skill (Business level)
- Have working experience in global companies and manufacturing is a plus.
- Proficiency in using Word, Excel, Power point.
- Good communication and presentation, active, adaptable.



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Company culture

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You will report to: Director of Corporation Administration