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R&D Manager - Electronics

at Navigos Search is a leading provider of Recruitment and HR solutions in Vietnam with over 20 years of expertise. We have the largest, most dedicated, and most experienced consulting team in two locations, Hanoi and HCMC. Our mission is to support peo

Manager Ha Noi Engineer Heavy Electrical Equipment
$ Gross Salary from $2000 to $3000
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Since joining Navigos Search Vietnam, I have had a good opportunity to work in the labor market in different fields such as B2B trade, building materials, Garment and textiles, packaging, chemistry, automobiles and electronics. By studying the market and communicating effectively with leading customers, I have developed an outstanding ability to find the right talent for the required position. In addition, I also provided good consultations for applicants and clients, and established long-term cooperative relations for all parties.

As a fast learner, enthusiastic and responsible person, I have demonstrated the added value to my company's customers and candidates with the "success after joining" of mortals.

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The Job


Lead critical projects with R&D to support business objectives.
Create research projects that incorporate current advances in order to improve existing products and investigate the possibility of new items.
Recognize client expectations for next products.
Improved technologies used by suppliers, competitors, and customers must be identified and implemented.
Assist the Director in hiring and developing R&D staff.
Materials, assemblies, procedures, and equipment must be researched, designed, and evaluated.
Suggestions for training tools to improve employee performance and skill development are welcome.
All stages of research and development should be documented.
Manage customer interactions as well as conduct RFP reviews, customer visits, and product testing.

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


- Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field
- Experience of electronics part development is an advantage
- Understanding of product / process development, verification and validation techniques and tools



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Company culture

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You will report to: R&D Director