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at Navigos Search is a leading provider of Recruitment and HR solutions in Vietnam with over 20 years of expertise. We have the largest, most dedicated, and most experienced consulting team in two locations, Hanoi and HCMC. Our mission is to support peo

Manager Quang Ninh Production Management Electrical Components & Equipment
$ Gross Salary from $2000 to $2500
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Recruitment Consultant at
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Consultant information:

Since joining Navigos Search Vietnam, I have had a good opportunity to work in the labor market in different fields such as B2B trade, building materials, Garment and textiles, packaging, chemistry, automobiles and electronics. By studying the market and communicating effectively with leading customers, I have developed an outstanding ability to find the right talent for the required position. In addition, I also provided good consultations for applicants and clients, and established long-term cooperative relations for all parties.

As a fast learner, enthusiastic and responsible person, I have demonstrated the added value to my company's customers and candidates with the "success after joining" of mortals.

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The Job


1. Chịu trách nhiệm giới thiệu sản xuất các sản phẩm tản nhiệt và quạt
2. Xây dựng quy trình
3. Đảm bảo tỷ lệ năng suất
4. Loại bỏ bất thường
5. Lập kế hoạch dây chuyền
6. Cải tiến công nghệ sản xuất

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


1. Tốt nghiệp Cao đẳng, Đại học các chuyên ngành kỹ thuật
2. Tiếng Trung nghe nói thành thạo
3. Kinh nghiệm làm việc nhà máy 3-5 năm trở lên



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Company culture

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You will report to: General Manager