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[Fashion Retail] Store Manager - Up to $5000

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Manager Ha Noi Sales B2C Department Stores
$ Gross Salary from $3000 to $5000
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Candidate Coordinator at
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I'm Nguyen Phan (Lukas), a talent sourcing and attraction executive, from the Candidate Coordinator team. I'm supporting our professional consultants to find passive candidates in diverse fields.

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The Job


-Strategy Development: Skillfully formulate and execute business strategies that are focused on maximizing sales and profits while ensuring the store operates efficiently and consistently achieves its targets.
-Customer Relationship Management: Nurture and uphold excellent customer relationships by attentively understanding their needs, handling complaints, and promptly and professionally addressing any queries that may arise.
-Team Leadership: Take the lead in inspiring and motivating the store team, cultivating a positive and supportive work environment that fosters both team and individual growth. Identify and groom potential successors for key roles, ensuring a seamless transition.
-Sales Team Training: Serve as a mentor to the sales team, providing them with constructive feedback and personalized coaching to enhance their sales performance and elevate their customer service skills.
-Proactive Adaptation: Exhibit foresight in anticipating potential issues and promptly implementing operational modification

Growth opportunity

Your Challenge

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Promotion Opportunity

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The job


The ideal candidate should possess the following qualifications:

Education: Diploma or above in any discipline, demonstrating a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise.

Managerial Experience: A minimum of 8 years at a managerial level, reflecting a proven track record of leadership and successful team management.

Retail Expertise: In-depth knowledge of retail operations, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of the industry's best practices.

Leadership Skills: Strong leadership and management abilities, exemplified by the capacity to lead and inspire teams to achieve exceptional results.

Interpersonal and Communication: Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, enabling effective collaboration with diverse stakeholders and addressing challenges with finesse.

Problem-Solving Skills: Proficient problem-solving skills, empowering the candidate to analyze complex situations and devise effective solutions.

PC Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Chinese Word processing, enhancing efficiency and productivity in day-to-day operations.

Language Proficiency: A good command of both written and spoken English and Chinese, facilitating seamless communication in a bilingual work environment.

Availability: Immediate availability is highly preferred, demonstrating the candidate's readiness to contribute promptly to the organization's success.



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You will report to: Retail Director