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Recruitment Consultant
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Year of Experience: 10

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Possessing both internal and external HR experiences, Thuy has opportunities to work with numerous clients in various industries (education, hospitality, medical, fintech, etc) and has handled from staff level to executive jobs. With the passion of connecting the right people to the right jobs, Thuy has been working in HR field for 10 years.

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IB Manager

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• MBA or other advanced degree desired; bachelor's degree in finance, economics, or a similar discipline is also acceptable. • Strong finance background, minimum 1 year of investment banking experience • Strong interpersonal skills, able to deal with C-level stakeholders • Successful track record of closing deals • Outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities, including the capacity to create and sustain connections with clients and coworkers • Fluency in both English and Japanese, with proficiency in both languages' reading, writing, and speaking • Proven ability to analyze problems and find solutions • Capacity to function well in a dynamic setting with many competing priorities and deadlines.


Ha Noi


Head of Project Manager

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• Eager to take on new challenges aggressively • Proven leadership in managing projects of a certain size as a team or in collaboration with various people • High level of competence to set appropriate goals and accomplish them by managing KPI/KGI and resource allocation • Experience in realizing a strong business development in the BtoB domain (any industry/product) • Experience as a business manager (at least 5 year) • Organizational management experience • Outstanding results in sales. • Experience in customer analysis and company research from a management perspective • Proficiency in Japanese(JLPT N2+) or English • Data analysis capability to manage complexities surrounding the projects and make right decisions

$3000 - $5000

Ha Noi